How do Backpackers choose backpacks?

Time: 2017-06-26

How do Backpackers choose backpacks?

1. how to choose the right Backpack Capacity?

Choosing the capacity of a backpack is one of the most important aspects, and the capacity is too great to cause too much load, because when the backpack is too large, you unconsciously add something unimportant to it. The right backpack capacity will push you to choose the most important items, not all of them.

Please do not choose this size of the package, give yourself too much burden.

First of all, your bags must be boarding size, one is to avoid the trouble of consignment, two is the size of the boarding bag, can hold the stuff is enough.

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What are the functional requirements of the package?

The main warehouse has three sides zipper, similar to suitcase. The open style backpack is easier to reach after the hotel is opened, and also more convenient to use the space.

Backpack carrying system has a specific scope of application, adjustable backpack, although the scope of application is larger, nor is there no limit, so it is very important to choose a backpack to choose the system size. What size is the right size?

The general said the force should be in the backpack waist above the waist coccyx, shoulder and shoulder protection should be generally slightly lower than the shoulder, so that it is easy to adjust with stress and stress, back up. And the back size is too high

Fall feeling, and conversely, there will be a longitudinal sense, so that the waist is not in force. After the right size is adjusted, the backpack will be naturally attached to the back, very comfortable. Package is divided into several, general 15L - 25L for a single day package, can also serve as a package of packages. 25L - 50L, used as a short day for two days. Generally non camping

Words, 30L below can, camping is generally more than 35L. 50L - 80L for long-term backpack, or more than two days camping, girls suggest 50L - 60L can, boys according to their physical situation

Choose 60L - 80L backpack. Female students because the physiological structure is different from the boys, so it is recommended to buy the corresponding female backpack, comfortable, look good.

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